Saturday, September 12, 2015

Travel Forum or Travel Blog : WHAT works and WHEN ?

Glancing through my travel folder on the laptop, I suddenly realized that there had been a lot of background research that had undergone in my trip to Italy and later to Prague. As a corollary, it was realized that the sources for these information could either be classified in those collected from travel forums like Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, Fodors etc. and the others those from the travel blogs.  Just a few days back, one of my readers had queried about the perennial questions travelers across  the world face !

When it comes to planning a trip,

what works ?

Travel Forum or a Travel Blog
and importantly, 
When  to use a Travel Forum and when a Travel Blog?

I'm sure many readers would jump the gun the moment the thoughts boil down to planning. They'd opine, that there is no need for planning for the travel anyways ! So, this post is about them who would assign a sense of priority to planning beforehand.

The maverick in the hamlet may be rested for now.

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The post is for those who care to plan and would like to plan.

The crux : DO plan, it helps!

First things first, this post is not about endorsing any particular travel forum. Well, I do have my set of favorites, but then that list could figure in some other post. Secondly, there are certain niche blogs. that are more informative than the travel forums, so the thin grey line is overstepped.

We begin with keeping those niche blogs away.

When planning a trip, Begin with a Travel Forum add on with a Travel Blog and then close it again with a Travel Forum !

That's the short part of the long story. When it comes to doing research for the trip, the broader information, like which airports to chose, the classic itinerary to build, the days to accommodate, the hotels in a particular price band and a service quality are all best sourced from the Travel Forums. Add to them many to one reviews etc. are really helpful. There may be discussions within the group members who wish to answer. They are more like the FAQs. They have the answers for questions like the cities to cover in the 10 day Italy trip or when in Rome, what would be the best airport etc.. But then their weakness lay exactly in their strength.

Travel Forums contain many posts that are very generic in nature. If you wish to seek specific answers for things to do in a 3 Day trip to Rome, then head on to a Travel Blog. There are again phenomenal travel blogs that would capture the minute details with useful information. So travel blogs would connect those dots left open by the forums in the first place.

Once done with the specific information, you may head back to a forum for unique queries like getting a cab in the particular hour of the day. Which stop to alight from the train, Is there a construction activity around the hotel you plan  to stay, When does a mall open etc..

Both of them works and in the order as below.

Travel Forums --> Travel Blogs --> Travel Forums

The final brushings and the planning for the picture perfect travel is complete !

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