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Texperience UniverCell Sync - It's FUN, It's EASY, It's YOURS

[The post is a submission towards the author's experience on an invited visit on August 23, 2014 , at the UniverCell Sync store (Cecil Store, Colaba) at Mumbai, an event conducted in coordination with Indiblogger.] 

The post is about the author’s experience at the store, and to some extent its review too.

Saturday Afternoon and an Electronic Store for a review. The eclectic combination would not have appealed to me had I not visited one of the fabulous stores of UniverCell Sync in Chennai, the store's native town. In fact,  I was quite keen to visit them in amchi Mumbai. 

If you are looking for UniverCell Sync, Colaba, it is simply impossible to miss, located next to Regal Cinema, a major landmark in Mumbai. It is among company’s 9 stores in Mumbai. Interiors are functional and compact, a combination that is quite lively with some thoughtful collage. 
Smiley - Hip and Youthful - Thoughtful Collage at the Store

The collection of the products is great and their structural placement even better. What stands out for the Store is the human touch, creation of an overall Technical experience (‘Tech-perience’ as they call it!!) and the stress on the particulars. The customer management could not had been better.

Yeah - This sums it up


Sync - Creating the ecosystem for the Handsets

The overall shopping experience at the store is refreshingly different and yes, highly recommended. 

My experience of the visit is divided in the following segments: Location and Ambience, Products and Placement, Customer Management and Store's USP.

They are particular about particulars

And they are unique in doing that !!

Location and Ambience:

The location is as prime as it can get. The parking is an issue though. You can't park outside the store and there isn't a valet parking either. There are a few options around for paid BMC parking, but on a day with huge rush, it'd be practically difficult to find a place.
Your Friendly Store - Next to Regal Cinema

Interiors - Compact and Functional

The Blue of the store is to get away from the Handset Blues !!

The Focus ( lights) on the right handsets

Ambience of the store is excellent. A combination of Blue and White adore the interiors, with catchy design that brims with youthfulness. The arrangement is functional and compact. The store is divided in clear segments through neatly demarcated sections and Spaces.

There seems to be a lot of thought behind the Interiors

The Brand, UniverCell is there to stay

Product Mix and Placement:

Foremost, this isn't a mobile store alone. If you are looking for smart Gizmos and synching accessories, you are just at the right place.
Right Service with the Product Mix means true Value
As soon as you enter the store, there is a section for ’Bestsellers’ that comprise of high selling products, across different price segments. Followed on the left is the 'Pedestrian' section that houses some really good handsets, largely to capture the view of the by-goers on the bustling Colaba market. It is a good marketing option to draw attention as this section is clearly seen on the Causeway. Further ahead is the 'Point and Shoot' section. There is a space that gives you the opportunity to click yourself, in some fun ways.
The Beauty across the street
It’s your dedicated space to satiate ‘selfie’ driven desires, or a hip way to click yourself through your new camera. A different concept though, and would for sure strike a chord amongst the youth. The gist is, It is ‘fun’. 

The Space for'Point and Shoot'

The Store Representative obliged me by posing in the 'Point and Shoot' space

Just next to this space is the functional demarcation for the ‘Image and Photography’ section. This section houses handsets with superior photography features. Multi brand handsets placed next to each other makes a good contention for easy and right buying choice from the customer’s perspective. My personal experience is that it’s a useful method of product segregation. A larger collection of low cost handsets could had been icing on the cake.

For a Change ... It is ....Lights, Action and Camera...
If images aren't a reason to buy your mobile phone, then Music would definitely be high on the ranks. The next section of ‘Music’ based sets is for your auditory senses. The section also has music accessories that fit with your requirements with remarkably good collection.

Play it, Live it and Own it.
If you thought that work and play could not go together, next section, ‘Work and Play’ proves you entirely wrong. The section has handsets suitable for office goers and those looking for a rich gaming experience.
Dream it, Create it abd Deliver it, That's the 'Work and Play' Mantra

Less of Work and More of Play
There is a good collection of Phablets and Tablets available with some recommended ‘Apps’. The collection is decent, if not as good as that of ‘Music’ section. Bottom-line: Less of play and more of work.

There is also a section called 'New and Noteworthy', for the handesets that are worth the attention.

Enter - 'New and Noteworthy' Section

There is a Kid section too, referred as ‘Junior Sync’ to keep your younger ones engaged and enjoy with a comfortable sitting and collection of gizmos. 

While, these sections occupy the wall adjoining spaces, the central space is the ‘Bazaar’. Mix of products, less of specialization and a great product-mix on display, making it my personal favourite section of the store.

The 'Bazaar'

Bazaar Again

For the Quiet and the Loud
Via the kids section, you can head to the billing counter, which has some sitting space and pamphlets of the Value Added Services (the USP of the store) that store has on offer.
Smiley themed  Wall in the Alley

Innovation on the Wall

Space to 'Connect'

The Billing Desk

Customer Management:

Customer Management is quite important for the store. The Marketing personnel, whom I met in the event emphasised its importance for the company. As the author visited on invitation during an event, the veracity of the claim could not be ascertained independently. But the fact that they have placed customer delight  high on priority for the store is itself an excellent indication. The focus being on establishing relationships with customers rather than a singular stand alone purchase experience with them. Indeed a welcome change in the Indian markets. The entire Hierarchy at the store right from the Customer Executive, Asst. Manager upto the Store Manager strived to ‘connect’ with the customers with their liveliness and readiness to help with a big smile. Importantly, they are well equipped technically, too, with complete and updated information on the products and accessories. The store is understood to offer paid services at the doorstep of your home too. The representative comes at your place, and helps you around with the features of your handset or any other issue regarding mobile handsets.

They Wear it on the Tee

Ummmm - Play, Live and Own your Mobile Phone

Store’s USP (Unique Selling Point):

My visit to the store leads me to draw the following inferences about the USP of the store.

Emphasis on Building Customer Relationship

The extant offline mobile purchase experience handsets largely rely on the price. While this is important, the store accentuates that point by prizing their long built relationships. The door step delivery and ‘bona-fide’ communication reposes faith in the customer to repeat his visit again.

Services that build the relationships

 Differentiating Value Added Services

UniverCell Sync delivers ‘value’ with Product and Seasonal insurance like ‘Total Insurance plan’ and ‘Free Monsoon Insurance’. Then there are support products like, ‘On the move Mobile Assistance (Toll Free number)’, ‘Pick and Drop Service’ where the representative comes to doorstep for offering assistance and ‘Mobile Healthcare’ a complete product for your handset. These concepts are novel and indeed cater to the complete needs of the user.

They Get, They Set and You Go

You have to Pick him!

Complete Maintenance, Complete Relief

Stay in Touch - Wherever, However you want !

      Creating a complete technology Experience
           The store aims at creating a complete Technology ecosystem where you can experience the                  entire gamut of features of the Mobile handset. Handset features, accompanying apps,                          accessories, that is everything related with your handset.
The Pandora Box - Sync

The Writing on the Wall - Services and Principles

Experience on the Day:

The event was well-organized and there was attendance from many fellow bloggers. The customer officers happily took the visitors, (walk-ins as well as the bloggers) around the store while also giving them ample space to be themselves.
The Verve 

and The Energy of the Event

A great experience all together!!

[ Disclaimer : The author has not received any monetary benefits for the post. The views expressed in the review are bona-fide and personal.] 

(Update: November 29, 2014: This post eventually won the first prize in the contest.)

I'm open to undertake reviews in future. 

Just pen me @ or a comment on the blog with details.


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