Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vacation for Mango Tree - A Short Story

Yagyesh lazed his hands to the photo frame that glazed off the bright 'Indian Summer' afternoon.

The glass, the frame, the room was part of his abode, where he breathes and lives everyday, yet today the Sun was avenging its challenge, he rued thoughtfully.

Some 10 years back, his friend Maruti had visited and then how mischievously they had planted the seed of the mango 'fruit' that they had eaten or rather didn't eat and gleefully pasted the king's kingdom all over their faces.

Yagyesh thought whether many miles away, would Maruti still remember the fruit and its offspring, and imagine the shade and the silhouette of the tree that is created of its mammoth, today challenges the mighty and allows the odd ray in, suggestively to let the Sun be or not be.

The mango seed that they both had savoured and quenched privately, was now abode to several birds and men alike on their routine migratory vacations, every year, year after year, after the year they both spent their only vacations together.

Vacation - Travel for Soul
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