Sunday, March 16, 2014

As Close As We Are Far

As close, as we are far

My heart just skips, the beat for you dove,
She grimaced, I faced, our worlds that had raced

Contours that were drawn, our nuptials and beyond,
And the shapes they took, for the wise and the crook

The happiness beyond, the guest and the horn,
The bond that we share, for remorse and the fair

Days may look routine, but life is still full of sheen,
Look at shine of photo frame, still worth its fame.

She looked, as she cooked, with a snook half way,
The clouds I admired, that feeling no more wired

Te'me how far would you go, to empathize my woe,
To get closer to the love, can we fly the sky above ?

Then the tale began, while holding her hand,
The world apart, flew vignette on that land

Of the dream we sew, through our love sinew,
Can still hold your hands, while I run the errands

Through the wheels I move, my heart just grew,
To tell my feelings, will you move these ceilings

Then cut ajar, that rainbow ain't far,
Just see through the dust, for the pelmet you must

There's a world that's dear, as far as it's near,
That tap when it flows, there are mornings that it glows

The box that I take, it's a life full of cake,
The noon in that hall, your delicacies enthrall

The call that I make, for the rail and the rake,
Let's run along the rhyme, to close the time

The guest when he rings, my heart then sings,
The tea that will come will make us hum

In the jousts and hurdles, in the worlds that we lived,
Did we forget to just cuddle, and the fun that we killed ?

If that would be so, for not the desert and the snow,
My heart, let's travel, for the hearts to unravel

Look, there is a world along the ‘Thames’,
Let's pack our bags, on its bank for the games

To discover our life, forget dough and the knife,
Just run along, to listen to the song

Song that chimes, in the background of our times,
Just mute the world, and its pebbles that are hurled

The music is still dear, sounds of the stream still clear,
The twists that it takes, the nature that it makes

Learn from its form, to mix along,
yet remain a stream, for this London theme

Let's fly 'British', for skit and the skittish,
Our love would rejoice, find back its voice

Our travel for the soul, alike  for the diamond and the coal,
As close as we are far, my queen I’m and will be, your Czar

This poem won a prize in the contest - Details here.


  1. Great poem .so artistically deals with the hassles of modern day life of the married people . and brings along the hope to get above it all and be 'the queen and the czar'

  2. jaabardast biraadar...kya baat hai...Bhabhiji to mantra-mugdh ho gaayi hongi!!!

    1. Thank you KG. Couldn't believe in my wildest dreams, that you were blogging once !!