Sunday, September 28, 2014

Charles Bridge, Prague - A Blissful Evening

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge has a Life of its own

For minutes, being at the Charles Bridge, the view was unbelievable. Wow !! A manifestation of magnificence, eclecticism and romanticism lay ahead me!!  Simply Spectacular and Surreal. As the evening sun sailed slowly to float in another hemisphere, river Vltava beneath jostled across the reflections.Over and within.Charles Bridge is a single reason enough to visit Prague. Small boats ornate the river, hustling and bustling under its splendour. Statues on the walls stand guard to the grandeur of the past. Though it is learnt that most of the original pieces now lay safe in the precincts of the museums.

Life moves at the Charles Bridge
Divine Setting of the Landscape

If for some reasons, if you were thinking to paint the moments’ memory, then astute painters line the Bridge, with the boards and finished memoirs. At some places, the quality of the sketch is excellent, and you'd soon find they aren't all amateurs with mediocre finishes. Apart from the excellent sketches, one of the reasons people throng to these artists is for spotting and getting a steal from budding Picaso. So that, some day when these painters become famous, they could make a fortune of the art forms. Perhaps they get sketched multiple times, because for the same reason. The verve of the travellers on the Charles bridge make it even more special.

Energy of Travelers - Charles Bridge
The Energy of Travelers - Making it more special

There is a history of the Bridge and the events surrounding it as well. Gory, Glory and the Glamour. Gaze the dusk and the eclectic markets around the bridge, that makes it as adorable as it is.

You travel across the Charles Bridge, you don’t walk on it! The evening Charles Bridge has a life of its own.

Life at Charles Bridge
Travel on the Bridge, You don't just walk on it!!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wheels - A Short Story

The sparrow on the window pane seemed to be the only commonality between the high rise and the slum, thought Manas in his air-conditioned chamber.

He remembered that some fifteen years back, this high rise too was a flowing neat river.

Several cities and educational degrees later, the time had canonized him back to this direction.

It was a difficult decision for his family and him to move their belongings in their bullock cart from the village, that now was a bustling city.

They did, and so did their lives, like the wheels of the cart that rainy night.

Wheels of Time
Wheels of Time

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Grief - A Short Story

The hour hand of the grey clock on the white wall was rushing every second.

On one side, the forlorn newspaper was waiting for its daily ordeal, on the other, the medicine strip shouted effrontarily for discipline.

Meera was cursing her decision to send her only daughter, Bhakti away on a 'revelation' tour around the world.

Then, Bhakti was in grief, having contested her mother's autocratic diktat, she had to accept it reluctantly later.

Meera changed her side on the bed, and so had the grief.

Grief due to Travel
Grief - No borders, No Sides

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Things To Do At Dwarka, Gujarat

Most of the people visit the auspicious Dwarka city for the visit to the Jagatmandir. There's lot more to do when you are at Dwarka. (For a detailed Information, read the post 'Trip to Somnath,Gir Nageshwar and Dwarka' on my blog.)

  1. Book yourself a ticket in the Municipal Bus for the 'Chaar Dhaam Yatra'. The bus leaves by 1400 hrs., so book Early ! The service is cheaper and better than the private players. So Don't miss it because of time.
  2. Make your advance arrangements for accommodation.You could be taken by surprise for the rush at times, given only a few good stay options available.
  3. If planning to leave Dwarka for Ahmedabad overnight, Book your tickets early. The only overnight options are private buses, and the seats fill fast.
  4. Spare ample time for Bet Dwarka. The trip is worth few hours for sure.
  5. Shop in the market near JagatMandir. If planning to shop for 'Pooja' at home, Do check out the market here. It's better than Nathdwara, Udaipur.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Darkness - A Short Story

The 12th and 13th floors of 'Sunlights' used to be lit for the entire night.

This opaque trend used to amuse both Meera and Krish alike.

Both used to pity their fate of being alone, while envying the next door happiness of a complete family.

Their continual silent ordeal was witnessed just by their loneliness.

The morning after, they used to steal routine glances through the panes, little to realize that the bond between them was not of the morning Sun , but that of a .... Darkness Inside.

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