Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Darkness - A Short Story

The 12th and 13th floors of 'Sunlights' used to be lit for the entire night.

This opaque trend used to amuse both Meera and Krish alike.

Both used to pity their fate of being alone, while envying the next door happiness of a complete family.

Their continual silent ordeal was witnessed just by their loneliness.

The morning after, they used to steal routine glances through the panes, little to realize that the bond between them was not of the morning Sun , but that of a .... Darkness Inside.


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  1. Looks very interesting. I am sure a travel story also can be done in this manner. Are there any rules for it?

    1. Thanks Nisha for dropping by and keep coming! Simply loved your blog. Agreed for the Travel Story. Rules... for Five Sentence Fiction or the Story part? Please pen at travelforsoulblog@gmail.com.