Friday, December 19, 2014

Blog's 1st Anniversary. The Day. For an Age !

This post is to commemorate the first anniversary of the blog.

What a remarkable journey this has been !! Culminating with a great sense of satisfaction.

So, before it appears more of a farewell speech, I reassure the readers that it is the beginning of a great story.

Your ideas, and feedback are more valuable than anything else.

The Accolades page contains some posts that did well for contests.

Few avenues where I look forward to your affection, are popularizing and promoting the blog's social media page (as in link below:):


There is a follower's tab too, in case you donot want to miss on any of the post.

Hope the learning continues !

Simply Travel.

Travel for Soul

Monday, December 15, 2014

Safe Roads can lead to Safe India - Perspective

"Vroom...... Now here I go past that car...FIRST !!! ", I boasted triumphly !!

"Stop that here and NOW !!. Do you get that ". A voice came from no where.

"Who's that ? " Surprised, Amused and confessedly horrified, I slowed my car.

A snook on the left, a snook on the right and realized that it was the panel !