Monday, June 23, 2014

Fenced - A Short Story

Manas would not witness the heaps of white paper flying across the fenced Desert Dunes on his routine trip.

Yet, for some strange reason, this time he took out his Binoculars hurriedly, rattling the water bottle and story book in the backpack on its way.

With a longer vision and a shorter breath, he could catch hold of one of the many letters and a glimpse of the old man in streaking dead white and a crown of red turban over.

‘For the bread and the barter, my owed loans against the daughter;
There is an oasis so deep, in my heart when I weep;
If you could forgive me hence, and just for once travel across the fence;
The eyes die to see you flesh, and relieve the fenced soul of this mesh;
Your father is an old man now, suddenly life can betray, you know how;
My moustache no more black, but your doll still on the rack;
Stubborn I wouldn’t die in this life, for won’t forever live in death’s strife;
If you could Travel for my soul, and boundaries with no role;
To see the tears that roll often and the wrinkles that they soften;
Had this front not been  fenced, my death would not be chanced; 
Being sand, to become the sand, the body’s matter till its end,
Can’t the sand of its portion, flow me across and live this notion;
Pity our sights that share the glance, but am jealous for this air with no fence;  
For the men they apart, there are souls that cannot depart,  
For the men they apart, there are a few souls that could not depart.... ’,

as Manas read this through the white paper, he glanced that Hasrat, a young woman, perhaps the daughter, was on her knees and in tears on the other side of fence.

There were men, and well..... there are fences, Manas thought.

This post has been written and shared for the series 'Five Sentence Fiction'.

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  1. Wow ..loved the composition of the prose

    1. Thanks Alka. Love to see you here. Keep Dropping by on the blog!