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Masirah Island, Oman - The Beauty's Eternal Address

If you have been thinking to post the cards of your memories to beauty, and wondered where it should go. Go no further, than Masirah Islands of the Sultanate of Oman !
Masirah Islands
Masirah, Oman :The Eternal address of beauty !

While Oman can capture your senses through its remarkable destinations, however, what would be your best reason of visiting Masirah, is that it indeed is the eternal address of the beauty. If you have lived with the doubts, about what could deserve your time and senses : Soaking in the quaint charm of the desert or being mesmerized by the umpteen lives of the sea. At Masirah, you'd get best of both the worlds, rather all the worlds when you'd realize that this 'desert island' manifests beauty through its uniquely rugged landscape, virile turtle nesting beaches, rustic villages, kitesurfing, water sports, desert camping and phew if there's a list of dreams, that has to be at Masirah!

Through its numerous ends, and through its innumerable means.

Masirah Islands
Masirah Islands: Re-Captivating Senses !
The rustic village of Ras Hilf would hold you by its heritage and culture, as you cross the rugged desert landscapes that flows along the beautiful sea, you'd realize that dhows literally ornate Masirah's coastline. Happily relaxing with your camelot along the beach, you'd wish to gulp the divine Omani Shuwa, and sip the Kahwa while the history robes you, and you read an unsung poem to deliberately leave it halfway incomplete. And then suddenly the thud of waves of the Arabian Sea would rise across the golden desert sand to narrate the remaining half. Or those eternally repeated tales of the sailor, the sail (sale), and of the littoral glory it impregnates within. For once, your imagination would feel jealous, as you would see the real kitesurfing through eyes.
Ras Hilf
Rustic Village of Ras Hilf

Dhow, Ornaments of the Sea Coasts
Dhows - Ornaments of the Sea Coasts

Your thoughts would re-scale themselves, when you'd touch the nature in most pristine and raw form at Masirah Islands. Your camera lens would be treated to the sights of the Flamingos, Egrets and the Turtle doves, as the art of 'Bird Watching' would redefine itself. As the birds chirp and their wings flap, your camera shutter would slap, their motion would cut the noise through the exterior, as it would revive your inner peace with equal precision.
Bird Watching, A new level altogether.
Bird Watching - To a new level !
With a habitant population of a few thousands, Masirah Islands would captivate you as you discover the pristineness of the beaches to yet another level, the highest level. The dynamic water sports would bring vigour back to your estrogens. And life would resonate the Mozart, as you hike your senses across the stellar Jabal Madrub, while you come across the exquisite and unique flora and fauna uphill.
Jamal Madrub Mountain
Jabal Madrub Mountain : Strength to your imagination prowess

The Soul-soothing Sun Set would amplify the tone of a glorious day, but wait! your nights here are meant to be equally benevolent !!

The endangered Loggerhead Sea turtle, among other turtle species gets 'panah' at the beach, beneath the crystal clear skies and the twinkling stars above. The reassuring sight of safety gives strength to your soul, as it does, to those nesting turtles. Now, if you could view their lively jousts, while Night camping on the beach, you are, but nowhere except, Masirah Islands, Sultanate of Oman. The Beauty's Eternal Address.

Loggerhead Turtles
'Panah' at Night for the Loggerhead Turtles

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