Monday, February 16, 2015

Charles Bridge, Prague - In the Night

The famed Prague Castle is adorned in lights in the backdrop of the Bridge. The hurriedness and the bustle of  the daytime on the bridge fades away rather rapidly. The night's calm complements the tranquility of the flowing Vltava beneath. In all the senses, Charles bridge at night gives you more than one reason to be yourself.

Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle
Photo Courtesy : here 

In many ways, Charles Bridge reinvents itself under the dark skies. The waves beneath the bridge adorn the sights of the pearls of lights on the famed Castle ahead.

The Lamp-posts of the bridge accentuate the magic of the Bridge as so does their glistened reflections flowing in the water beneath.

If you visit this post dusk but before it's too late, you could come across some shops around the bridge still open. The 'clearing sale' would aptly apply here. 

Charles Bridge : Splendor at Night
Photo Courtesy: here

I remember meeting an artist on the night that summed the moment perfectly:

 "Charles Bridge is a canvas as well as a painting in process. The Canvas is too large and the painting, perpetually incomplete. You add colors and strokes. for others to do on their own."

PS: The morning dawn would be the best time to visit the bridge.

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