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Trip to Spain. Spain and Me - We Together !

This is the conversation, I as BJ had one night with my magical travel companion (SS).

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan , but also believe."   - Anatole France

BJ : Dear SS! I have the Dream and the Belief to go to Spain.

SS : No worries, I have the Plan and the Act. With our magical companionship, we'll sew the beauty and   intrigue of Spain with the Sweet Memories and great fun !! All set BJ ?

BJ : Yippie !! Thanks a lot, SS for being here in India now. So how do we go about the lengthy process of   Booking Airline tickets, Hotels, Buses and renting a Car through various websites ?. The entire process       of working and re-working the budget every time is such a stress !

SS: Don't worry BJ, I'll manage All of them !

BJ: All !Are you sure ? ... Tickets, Hotels, Buses, Cars, everything?

SS: Yes BJ, All of them...

BJ: SS, I must say you are really powerful, holding so much in yourself. Awesome!

SS: Thanks BJ! So you want to go to Spain. Where do you want to Start from in Spain?

BJ: See, I want to cover Barcelona, Madrid and if possible, other cities and towns around them. Wait, I   know I will have to be more specific than that . And yes, I've got INR 1 lakh for this trip.

SS: No issues for further specifications. Not needed. Just enter Spain as destination and I'll take care of     the rest.

BJ: And Journey Dates ? I don't have them specifically on my mind too except that it has to be 2014!.

SS: My friend BJ, even that won't be a problem ! I'll get the best deals from the entire year !

BJ: SS, you know you are too good to be true. Can I Click (touch) you.

SS: Ok. Ok. That hurts, I Exist.

BJ:  Fine then.. Here we are.. No specific date, no specific City.

SS:  Rather... Assured Best Deals though, with complete flexibility! Isn't that Super BJ ?

BJ: Unbelievably Super !! I can choose the best fares from dates across the year and cheapest cities to land to ! That's  WOW ! Anyways SS let's move ahead. Lots of planning left.

SS: Yeah, Look I got a Return fare worth INR 38,218, Mumbai - Barcelona.

BJ:  Oh Great !! SS promise means delivery every time, all the time. Now that's awesome. Dates       from October 1-10, 2014 are perfectly suitable to me as well. Thanks for the awesome deal. Next let's       move to accommodation. Yippiee!! Now that's 'Skyscanner and I, on a trip around the world'.

SS:  Hey BJ, Hope you've made the best use of the research and information on my site under the           section 'Travel News and Features'. There is a lot of useful information and resources.

Skyscanner - The Benchmark travel reports

BJ:  No doubts! It's an excellent one stop place for all my Travel related insight.

SS: Great to know that you are following the info there. So what do your plan to during Spain visit?

BJ : SS, Look my visit spans for 9 days. I prefer to divide my time between Barcelona and Madrid. 

SS : So you mean to say, that you plan to base yourself in these cities and if time permits, go for day trips     around ?

BJ: That's right on the dart, SS. You are wise and really smart, otherwise. I'm planning to stay in             Barcelona for 6 days and another 3 days in Madrid.

SS: Well BJ, That's smart of you. I'd love to know more about your travel plans about the two cities in Spain.

BJ: SS here it goes:

Barcelona is a splendid city with a mix of ancient and modern characteristics. Madrid is unique and cosmopolitan at the same time. Madrid boasts of a lively artistic and cultural heritage with an envious night life. 

Barcelona has the best of both the worlds. It personifies every traveler's dream. Rich History, modern infrastructure, fabulous food, game for sports, lively outdoor markets and the heavenly serene beach. Barcelona is the modern ancient paradise. I'd love to walk across Las Remblas, as the array of the trees would hug me and allow me to meander and open-up in my own world. All my stress would fly with the swirling of the leaves. Then I'd like to enjoy the divine Spanish cuisine at La Boqueria for Escalivada or Mel-i-Mato. Then I'd like to happily relax along my camelot on the golden yellow sands of the Sant Sebastia beach and listen to the wheeze of the tales that the Mediterranean sea brings along. And who'd miss the Barcelona Stadia that stand with their grandeur from Olympics, 1992. SS, I'll just so wish to fold the map deep in my pocket and realize my inner happiness by getting lost in the old streets of Barcelona. Barri Goltic, Basilica La Seu are testimonies of the rich culture of Barcelona that complement the edifice of the modern art creations of Antono Gaudi of the likes of Casa Balto. Barcelona also figures amongst the most frequented cites in the world. In view of that, there is a lot to be learnt about different cultures, influences, thoughts etc. from my fellow travelers.That makes yet another reason to visit Barcelona.
Las Remblas

Sant Sebastia beach

La Boqueria

Nouveau Art - Modern art


Madrid on the other hand is a cosmopolitan city in a true scene, with a verve and a nerve that it's simply unparalleled. Several ethnicities merge as in a potshot of Madrid to frame the culture with a new definition. It's sporty, fisty, ethnic and modern. All at the same time. The arena of the Bull-Fighting can lend life to estrogens and rescale the very definition of adventure. The nights are even more exciting as the city boasts of a night-life that is best across the globe. Madrid's architecture is yet another reason to visit the city with Plaza Mayor, Palacio de Cebeles, Puerta del Sol, Royal Palace and the vertical gardens ornating the city's landscape. 

Apart from the enormous scope of spending time within the cities, there are a lot of options to go for Day tours from the city. At Barcelona, I'd love to go to Wine Tours near the city, 'Girona, Figures and Dali museum', hike across Pyrenes mountain, Girona and Costa Brava among umpteen other options.
At Madrid, I look forward to visit Toledo, El Escorial Monastery, Segovia etc. 

SS:  This itinerary indeed sounds exciting BJ. My best wishes to you. It seems we need to move on to the     next financial head, the stay at apartments/guest-houses.

BJ: Yeah SS, I'd love to stay in apartments/ guest-houses. The reason being with 3, 6-7, a 15 day time       frame we'd get the best deals in terms of price. Here we have divided time in 3 and 6-7 day frame         so that's a great idea. Plus if I wish to cook some-times there, I can save on my meals also.

SS: That's right. As we have planned your departure and arrival from the same city, Barcelona, it'd       also be interesting to rent a car, which you can pick and drop back at the airport !! Game ??

BJ: That's lovely SS. Save time and money, flexibility and driving across the rustic Spanish landscape     can be wonderful. That a fairy-tale trip. Thanks to Skyscannaer, I mean SS.

SS: So here are your best deals: Apartment for 6 days at Barcelona (Bed and Beach Barcelona                   Guesthouse) : INR 18,891. At Madrid (Hostal Commercial) for INR 5,571. That brings your total stay       cost at  INR 24,462.

Skyscanner - The Best deals on accommodations

Skyscanner - The Best deals on accommodations

BJ: That's too good . Can't wait for my car rentals !!!

SS: Here they are, BJ. A Volkswagon Polo for 9 days would cost us INR 14,488.

Skyscanner - The Best Car Deal

BJ: If I add a decent usage of 350 litres of gas @ .77 Euros/litre, I'd be in a need of 270 euros of fuel cost. That is INR 22680. That means all the heads clubbed together would sum up to INR 99,848. That's             amazing SS !!!! I never knew that travel could be so easy and economical. All credits to you             Skyscanner

BJ : All crredddiiiittttts to you skyscanner. Envelope??

Mom: BJ!! , BJ ??? what have you been murmuring last night? Anyways one envelope has been     delivered for you. It states: 'For your Spanish Trip, from your friend, Skyscanner'. 

BJ: Can't believe my dream has come true.

Mom: What ?

BJ: I've realized one thing today that Dreams come true, Mom. 

They come true with friends like Skyscanner.

PS: This post was written as a contest entry and did not receive any compensation in form of money or kind from any source.

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