Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello E(xcellence). Hello Moto.

The itch in my hand, to hold Moto E, the grand,
Led to my envious state, to say hello to my good fate,
For a phone that is really smart, perfect blend of science and art,
Together we could excel, with features to dwell,
Dwell the day and Dwell the night, with its functions of might,
Start with a feeling so profound, with no boundaries, no bound

The features if I list, with Moto E in my fist,
Processor Quad Core, suited for special and the chore,
Power of Battery for days, alike for the Haze and the Blaze,
Android and Lollipop,would chime best of zing and the Hop,
With a twist in the wrist, 'Quick Capture' to be camera in the fist,
Crisp sharp with its curves, would add zeal and the verves,
Its Corning Gorilla Glass, would save the damage, set the Class,
Eight GB Memory so large, with aplenty apps I could lead the charge,
And expandable it is, to suit alike substance and the fizz
Customized Accents to fit my style, day in and out to usher the smile
With fantastic Moto Display, would make it fun all the way
Technology of Sensor Hub, Would undoubtedly keep me in the elite club
Its Affordable Price, just makes it twice as nice

To start with Moto E, would be an experience to 'Be'
To be not just Alive, but to 'feel' and to 'thrive'!

Note : This was a contest entry.


  1. It is difficult to write poems on gadgets. You have done that well. Great post. All the best for the contest.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Partha. Keeping my fingers crossed for the contest.