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Trip to Zwolferhorn, Salzkammergut

“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will."

These words from Patrick Suskind were indeed the reflection of my thoughts during the first visit to Zwolferhorn mountain in Salzkammergut, Austria, last September. I'm sure you too would have been in the similar situation in life, when the choice is between good and equally good ! And then, how we all wish that something could help us in our decision. For me, it was decided by a lovely Fragrance of the flowers on the Alpine mountain. It was only because of that evocative fragrance, that I decided to go uphill the mountain, yet again. Rightfully the fragrance inspired the travel.

Here , There, but Nowhere, except Salzkammergut !

Based out in Salzburg, it was planned to visit Salzkammergut followed by Munich next day. The fragrance of the flowers on the mountain created such a magical charm that Munich was given amiss. Trust me, No grudges whatsoever !!
Salzkammergut - My inspiration for perfect fragrance

Misty Morning followed by Brilliant Sun-Shine

Your idea of the freshness of the mountain air would be redefined at Zwolferhorn mountain, grand 4990 feet above the ground level. We cut through misty roads, hopping on the first cable car for the mountain from the base of the mountain, St.Gilgen. The early morning rain, before we started, further added the mystic freshness of Salzkammergut. As we started in the Cable Car, Sun cut across the skies to offer us the views that were simply amazing, to say the least. The view of the clean blue water of the Lake Wolfgangsee kept getting better and clearer as we ascended above and Sun simply stood out. The Sun got brighter, the air cleanest and then, we were for a sight of our life time !!

Flowers, Flowers everywhere, and all the drops of mist !
Dew Drops lazing on the flower petals
Image Credits : Here

The early morning winds laden with the fresh mist of effervescent rains engulfed the blossomed flowers on the mountain where the dew drops on the flowers on the mountain kept clinging the petals lazily. Across our sights there were flowers with the picturesque lake in the background. The clouds clamored with jealousy as they flew beneath the eyes. The setting being as perfect as it could get. But wait, it may sound incredulous, but the best was still yet to come!
Fragrance and the views - Zwolferhorn Mountain, Austria 

Image Credits : Here
Aha Fragrance !!

The latest drops of the rains still drenched the earth and well...... the magic of petrichor was as magical as always. The smell of the rain kissed earth rose, romanticizing the ground in fulfillment of its meeting with the beloved. The fragrance of lilies on both the sides of contoured paved path was mesmerizing. The wild flowers with their petals in full swing, danced merrily in the breeze on the music of the passing cow-bells wryly smiling at the rainbow that seemingly sneaked exclusively for the setting. The bells across the grazing cows played music for the dancing flowers. The mesmerizing scent of the Bell-flower further accentuated the evocative fragrance in the air. Hours simply phased out of my watch, but for me the time just stood still!  I treasure every minute spent there and without a second thought, I came back the next day as well, to listen to the cowbells, to view the blue lake below through the shades of the clouds, and foremost treat my senses to the inter-wined fragrance of the Bell-flowers, lilies, wild flowers with a little bit of rain kissed earth. To recreate the same magic.

Flowers in the Wild  Alpines - I

Flowers in the Wild Alpines - II

Contours of the Trail path
Flowers in the Wild Alpines - III

Bell-Flowers - Drenched in Sun light

Wild Flowers in Alpines - Basking in Glory !!

Lily - Flowers in the Alpines

Flowers in the full bloom
Images(above) Credits : Here

The thoughts through the Travel is captured in the following lines:

Across an Alpine visit,
Taking senses for a treat
Bringing a Rainbow along,
Chiming on the Cowbells' Song
The flowers of the mountain list,
With the petals and the colors of the mist
There is an evocative fragrance along,
when lily and the 'petrichor' throng
To inter-wine in the flowing breeze,
Across the woods and its mystic wheeze
As a dream come true for senses' treat,
It was the fragrance that evoked my travel's feast

If a fragrance could evoke a visit, then I'd simply wear the fragrance all the time. 

What do you say ? Little bit of Lily, and a tinge of Bell flower, rain kissed earth inter-wined with the fragrance of the mystery flowers of the mountains, WOW that could evoke senses, and many many travels ! Yearning for that fragrance ever since!! The fragrance that inspired the visit.

This eventually became a contest winning post - Details here.

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