Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unwind our 'Dosti', 'Samajhdari' with 'Bachpan' and 'Masti' with learning bhi !!

[The post is a submission towards the entry for 'Khuljayee Bachpan' contest through coordination of   Kellogg's Chocos ( and Indiblogger.] 

My son began showing some withdrawal symptoms, then I realized that a great bonding could work as effective for him, as it did it for me !!

Usual celebrations of the day, through toons, games and friends had their way,
Remote and the keypad, these days lay rested, plates left full and the spirits devastated,

The prod of my scholar, as he looked for shared times and fun no smaller,
A realization that did then break, that it was the 'Time',not the icing not the cake,

That coupled with Freedom to spare, did bring his best, for something to share,
As I learned to share to care, it was his grasp I found so rare

Time for us to together learn, his endless curiosity sprinkled with innocence to yearn,
And if my experience as it was banal, did vent his restless energy to get some channel,

And while learning through his joy, I finally did realize what I enjoy,
Together to just be, moments of my son just with me,

Those moments that made me happy, for they let him and let me be,
Happiness to exchange what we knew the best, the bonding, participation took care of the rest

While reclaimed my joy of learning, dreams I was spending not earning,
He was truly my reflection of within, child-like zeal that so keen,

He saw me a symbol of application, hard work and knowledge gelled with no traction,
Where his dreams found their wings, beyond his triangles, squares and rings,

Our distances saw their dust, with bowls of hearty Chocos for breakfast,
He learned through my learnings, that I bridged through his yearnings,

With Indian values still intact, relationship status be no distract,
Let the balance of nature flow, let the bonding make us go Gung-Ho!,

'Khul gaya bachpan, mil gaye pal', life was happiness, no place for anything dull,
'Yaadein jo thi anoothi', had fun while father did his duty!!

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