Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ache - A Short Story

The sudden jerk of the train made Meera wake up from her dreams to realize that the coach was  completely empty.

The path she had traveled was not often tread, the route of her travel not often taken, the feelings that drained in her heart, not often felt.

For the first time, since she had begun her journey for souls, she would meet Heena, her confidante, amid the stalking overcast sky and thudding winter chill.

She stepped out, her heart beats missing aloud, the engine whistling rather suggestively, of the ashes that were left behind from the coal, burnt or alive, or rather both, the smoke that existed there within the coal, albeit in the latent form in the same black coal.

Heena was standing there, right there, Meera wanted to meet her eye to eye, through form to form, by matter to matter, Heena had no eyes and  Meera had a heart attache.


This post has been written and shared for the series 'Five Sentence Fiction'.

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