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On the way from Kathmandu to Pokhara
Excellent Scenery - Straight To The Postcards

The gyrating routes cut across the stellar mountains and misty air as the scenic landscapes across the 200Km Prithvi Highway, stretch connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara. The views it lays forward are though, simply breathtaking !

To say it plainly, this journey across the Middle hills was every bit worth the destination. There are ample opportunities to 'look in the face of the mountains', while you move across the rivers running playfully beneath (and sometimes alongside). The quiet rural life of Nepal is unperturbed by the business of  the road and there are times that makes you feel the distinctness of two worlds of the farm and the road.

Apart from being an excellent tourist destination, Pokhara also doubles up as a hub for several mountain base camps, and thus, there is a case of plenty of mountain bikers to be witnessed flowing across the route.

Road trip to Pokhara from Kathmandu
On the way on Prithvi Highway

The burly roads en-route the beginning of the journey paves way for pristine rivers with whispering woods to play you company on the sound of the water hitting the riparian banks. Pebbles dot the landscape adoring the nature's delight that's plentiful and untouched !

The water is quite clear and the gushing sound resonates with the quietness of the lush green hills. 

Rivers across the highway between Kathmandu and Pokhara
Riparian Beauty 

River across the highway between Kathmandu and Pokhara
Riparian Beauty resonates on the banks
The flora relax gleefully cushioned in the laps of grass, spreading colors and bliss (and sights as below) with plenty of shades and varieties on offer, all across the journey.

The flowers in their bloom appeared to garland the trees.

Beauty of the Flowers
Flowers relaxing gleefully on the cushion of the gaps

Beauty of Flowers
Flowers garlanding the Trees

The currents of the river are primly suited for the several water front activities including the popular river rafting. There are scores of rafting beaches that are manifested by the artificial beaches and basic infrastructure developed and maintained by the respective rafting companies.

As a suggestion, it is highly recommended to take the river rafting exercise en-route. These are coupled with excellent rapids, clean shores and inexpensive tour costs.

(The lush green settings and playful river currents like below are as inviting as rafting itself !)

Rafting around Kathmandu, Pokhara
Rapids and Natural Beauty - Couple that with Rafting for a great experience

One small landmark that is sure to catch attention is the bridge that is encountered on the way.

Beneath, sights of spectacular gorges and river flow in its might with twists is sure to behold on the senses, that cut across by lush green forests.

Bridge between Kathmandu and Pokhara
This bridge is sure to catch the attention.

Beauty of River Trishuli
Gorges and the Gorgeous Settings

Beauty of Trishuli River
Trishuli River - Beauty at its Best

There are sights and memories to be treasured across the route. Those moments are so precious that, there are times you wish to remain oblivious of the existence and soak the nature and its delights in the background!

Nature's Delights forcing you to Soak in the Background
(Do you have a memorable road trip experience as one above ? What makes a great  trip ?
Looking forward for your feedback/comments.)

Practical Tips:
    • There are a very few options to travel overnight between the cities, so for all practical reasons, one needs to travel during the day time. (Trust me with the type of landscapes on the offer, you won't complain a slightest bit)
    • There are no road lights, no hill dividers across the entire highway!
    • Count 7 + hours for the journey. That takes in count the odd travel jams.
    • Hitchhiking is possible and would be fun on the way!
    • There are a many places to hang around.
    • A group of 7-8 people may come pool together to hire the local favorite, 'Hi Ace'. There is a substantial cost to be saved on the local sightseeing in Pokhara, that at times, may get exorbitant !
    • The route across Kathmandu and Pokhara is also a common place for some arterial detours to major cities including those in the Terai region.
    • Rafting is a seasonal activity and depends on the rapids and the temperature of the water.
    • Update on Earthquake 2015 : The effect of earthquake in 2015 did not to seem to have a bearing as in March 2016. Most of the roads were in pretty good shape.

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