Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Travel Tips for Sorrento, Italy

Of  what we had heard about Sorrento, we had planned a day trip from Naples to Sorrento, even before we had began our trip to Italy. When in Naples though we had to choose between Amalfi Coast and Sorrento or Capri Islands.

The weather decided for us. It was overcast, and most of the people advised us against taking a littoral trip. We did, and so gladly I say, we did. We had to stunt the Amalfi coast from the itinerary. Our excursion to Sorrento from Naples began from the port of Moro Beverello. After a sumptuous lunch, we took a Hydrofoil around noon and reached Sorrento in less than an hour.

Naples to Sorrento
Moro Beverello
The journey s a story itself. Snow crowned mountains, breezy sea, and a deck seat. Well we couldn't had much beyond. It was cold and a cup of coffee did wonders to our spirit. We stayed for an hour around the port and enjoyed and marveled its exquisite beauty.
Quaint Charm of Sorrento
There is a quiet charm about the place and the weather complimented that charm all the more. We climbed a top of steep stairs to reach the town and some of the views during our ascent were equally mesmerizing. The town had a piazza that had its characteristic statue, and a leading market street. We shopped a bit to realize that it turned out to be one of the cheaper of the Italian places. On our train trip in Circumvesuviana back to Napoli Centrali (read Naples), we met a bunch of Korean youngsters who had some zealous experiences of Amalfi Coast to share.
Clouds building along the sea

We enjoyed every bit of our stay at Sorrento!

Sorrento-Surreal Beauty!

PS:  Ideally a trip from Naples early morning could give you a chance to explore Amalfi Coast and Sorrento same day.

We hurriedly packed our baggage that night, as we had to leave for Florence next day.

Shop What
  • Better places to shop for winter wear.
  • Being Town, most of the things are comparatively cheaper.

Bottom Line 
  • Sorrento can give make your trip to Italy really really special. Do visit it for sure. 
  • My choice between Naples City and Sorrento would be with Sorrento. 
  • Plan properly and you can easily cover Amalfi Coast in a Single day. These places are amazing!
  • Capri Islands deserves at least a day trip.
Travel facts
  • Stayed : One Day Trip from Naples.
  • Stayed at : Hotel Ideal, Naples - No, not recommended.
  • Traveled with my better half on a single Day trip 
  • Traveled in Hydrofoil/Local Train from Naples in January 2013.

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