Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trip to Vatican. Things to do in the City State.

The Channel created by the tall walls around Vatican amplified the chill in the wind. It's a great feeling to visit a city country with a geographical area of just 44 hectares and a permanent population of just 840! That's less than the number of people that travel in a morning Mumbai local. Phew. The chill disappeared rather quickly as the sun made its way strongly through the clouds. Life was back!
Vatican City
Vatican City - Clouds overhead

Vatican City is quite within Rome itself. So it's better to stay in Rome, and then come around to visit the place. The magnificent St. Peter's Square will make its way to the pious Basilica. St. Peter's square is a fairly large square that is not only a home to several seminaries, but also as a tourist place worth spending few hours. Be it the famed Christmas tree or Obelisk(originally brought from Egypt), its grandeur may leave you speechless. There are a few fountains where the birds chirp effortlessly as people soak in the beauty of the place. The colourful Swiss guards, for sure, will catch your attention.

Basilica, few steps ahead, has a breath taking architecture. Its frescoes, lighting perhaps everything that is in it makes it extraordinary. Heavily guarded, there are a lot of volunteers to help and guide around the place. There are functional amenities in the complex. 
St. Peter's Square

The Vatican museums, quite near to the place are spectacular with Michael Angelo's frescoes and their unique design.
St Peter's Square
Excellent Architecture - Inside the Basilica

After spending close to 6 hours in the Vatican, we went back to the country we came from, Italy. Albeit it was only quite close. We again took the Hop-on Hop-Off bus.

Shop What:
  • Buy Vatican City's stamps at the Local Post office
  • Basic Souvenirs
Bottom Line:
  • It's a beautiful place and feeling of being in the tiniest country should not be missed.
  • Do visit it at night time also. It's brilliant.
Travel Facts:
  • Stayed : Few Hours.
  • Travelled with my better half. 
  • Travelled from Rome in Bus(Hop-on Hop-Off).
  • Stayed at Hotel Milan, Rome

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