Saturday, October 8, 2016


Adequate research for an upcoming trip is central to make it more efficient. Often this is coupled with a choice between the source for that information:

Travel Blog or a Travel Guide Book ?

I've seen people glued fanatically to the travel guidebooks. Places, Hotels, Dos and the Don'ts to name a few. On the other side are subscribers/followers who would rely heavily on blogs for authentic inputs. So there is an abundant need to understand what works and when !

Travel Guide Books are an important starting point. They are work of professionals, result of dedicated research and would practically cover all aspects of the travel to a particular place. Yet, they are not specific to the kind of traveler you are. The guides are reflection of traveler's style of travel. Luxury, Value for Money, Backpack. But either one of them. Further, at times they are dated. Things change swiftly these days. And it's important to stay updated. Precisely these are the aspects where the travel blog scores. Suitable to the style of a traveler and the content's contemporariness.


Begin with blog. Refer a Travel Guide. Fine tune again using a Blog.

Books hold their special  charm though !


**** Which one do you like/refer. Have I missed an important detail ? Look forward to your feedback and comments.****

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